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I have a 1998 E-350 with a 7.3l engine in it. Due to the year, it requires the "obs" parts despite the fact that (to the best of my knowledge) Ford only made one body style for the vans from 95 and up.

I recently did my glow plugs and had one helluva time since the engine is situated in such a way that removing the valve covers and getting to things can be annoying and time consuming. I'm making this post in hopes that I can help someone out who is trying to do glow plugs on their van as most glow plug posts and videos are for the trucks.

On the passenger side:
I recommend removing the alternator, this will make reaching the front of the block alot easier.

Going into the wheel well is the best way to remove hard to reach side bolts on the valve cover. It is also the way I torqued them back down

I only had to remove the resonator and air intake box, I did not have to remove the rest of the intake for the passenger side, but did for the driver side

1/4in extensions make life alot easier

Make sure to have a torque wrench that measures in-lbs or you will have to go get one mid way through your project

I did not have an air compressor, so I taped a piece of tubing to a shop vac and used that to suck out the oil from around the Glow plugs

Be careful and make sure the glow plugs are going into the glow plug hole! This might sound like common sense, but in a van where visibility of the engine is limited, there is room for error. I should know as I thought I had mine in the right hole, but it was the wrong one, I dropped the plug down into the engine via the hole around the rocker arm. A digital inspection camera and telescoping magnet saved my ***! Don't make the same mistake.

A digital inspection camera is a real good tool to have when working on these vehicles. After I got my glow plug out from the engine, I started using the camera I got to check for excessive oil around the GPS before pulling them, to make sure I lined everything up, etc. Because of the awkward engine position, you cannot see everything, and this tol really helps.

On the driver side:
You need to remove the entire air intake

Don't forget to put a clean cloth, paper towel, etc in your turbo to avoid getting dust in it.

I removed the oil filler tube from the valve cover by lossening the hose clamp than holds it to the male part coming out of the valve cover

Because my ccv screws were slightly stripped and full fo crud, I removed the cover with the ccv attached. I would recommend removing it if possible, it will make life easier.

This side was easier, in my opinion. I had alot more visibility to my glow plugs. This side also seems to have just a little more room between the valve cover and the side wall.

I would recommend cleaning and vacuuming out the glow plug connectors, they all seemed to get a little oil residue in them. I would also recommend vacuuming the oil prior to pulling the plugs off, if there is enough oil around the plug, it will get on the connection when you pull it off

Put new gaskets on your ccv

Take pictures so you know where to put the studs!this goes for both sides! Each side has a few studs and several bolts, make sure to put the studs back in their proper spots.

Make sure to drink plenty of water, take breaks and dont forget to eat!

Attached is a picture of the driver side with the valve cover off and the passenger side with the valve cover on. She's tight but this isn't your first rodeo.

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