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I am shopping around for my first truck...

I am looking at the F250s...PS diesel...heard 7.3L were the best? I have never owned a diesel but I seem to be drawn to them.

Living in MN with our cold winters is it OK to use a diesel as an everyday driver and not just for towing or would I be better off sticking with gas?

I also figure with the price I want to spend (under $15K) I will be purchasing a truck with higher miles and I know with proper care diesels can last a lot longer than gas...torn between the two at this point.

I would be using the truck as an everyday driver (work is about 25 miles from home) and hauling 3-horse trailer, car trailer etc. Nothing too big but I would like to have the option to take on large loads if necessary.

Looking for any and all advice...where to get started, things to look out for...dealers to stay away from...etc.

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