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GEM or battery saver relay on cluster?

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I have an 01 CCSB. Sometimes the radio will go off and the lower right side cluster warning lights will come on for a second. The radio time will come back but not always the radio itself. Sometimes the windows will not work. I hear a relay or something clicking under the dash when this happens. There is no real pattern but seems to be more prevalent when temp inside truck is hotter. has anyone seen this and if so which relay (or something else) was it. I have found doing research it could be the GEM or the battery saver relay on the cluster. My problem when it happens do not lose the cluster gauges, just radio and windows. I am trying to figure out if it is the GEM or the battery saver relay that is causing the problem. Does anyone have experience with this issue?

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So, in an '01,,,, the First thing would be which "01" do you have? (during the run, there was an extensive, electrical, change and you may not even have a GEM)

All you have to do to determine if it's like a 2000 or a 2002 is to look at the Instrument Cluster. If you have a Trans Temp Gauge and a Digital OD in the cluster than you treat your truck like an '02 (which had the GEM replaced by a "Smart Cluster" that actually became a Module). If not then you Do have a GEM and should always treat your truck (electrically speaking) as a 2000.
I do not have a trans temp gauge but I do have an analog odometer.
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