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Gearhead Reburn Cost

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Does anyone know how much it costs to reburn my ts 6 pos chip through gearhead? The chip wasnt bought at gearhead, just want a reburn.
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interested myself...

I don't know anything about Gearhead but if they are like the competition the first burn is normally almost the cost of a new chip and then MUCH cheaper after that.
why not just call them??
Had them reburn mine an it was 175.
I wanna say 250
For the first and every time after is 150...

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We have your Yoke!
Thanks!! I must not have updated my signature file...I'll do that now. IF the one I found doesn't work I'll call and order one. Thanks for looking out for me though!!!
Just got mine back 175.00 bucks. Free reburns now. Total night and day difference than with my other tunes :)
Well I bought my truck with a chip, didnt know the tunes. Well I got lucky, and the chip started acting up so I called ts performance and they were great they said if they can't figure out the problem they will replace it. About 1-2 weeks after i sent it in, I recieved a brand new chip, and a card with positions stock,hi idle, 50,75,100,140
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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