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early '99 4x4 PS, 7.3 liter, DP chipped...

Ordered the GV unit and intend to install it myself. Other than having someone shorten the tailshaft, any advice from those who have actually installed a GV (and, please, not from those who have and uncle who knew a guy who thought he saw someone who heard of one being installed)?

My driving habits are 3500 miles per month, 85% at 50-60 mph on dirt roads, 5% freeway, the rest on slow, steep, unimproved dirt roads. I use the truck for daily business and carry heavy loads at times.

I don't race or abuse the truck. Am getting the GV primarily for increased fuel mileage, and to grimace less WHEN (not "IF" - so don't kid yourself) diesel hits $10/gallon, and very minor use towing travel trailer.

Install/driving tips appreciated!


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