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Long post. I have a 2000 7.3 that just yesterday left me stranded due to a fueling issue. I fired the parts cannon at it just a month prior (durability upgrades including fuel pump). Well the issue was air in the fuel lines and would not re prime due to a failed oring and a cracked fuel line. The fuel line was the plastic line that hooks into the suction side of the fuel pump, it cracked at the fitting. So after replacing this hose it still was not pulling fuel. So I put a hose on the pump up to a jug to get it back home(was only 2 miles away). After all this I started tracing the lines looking for wet spots and surprise found none. Thinking the sending unit must be the culprit I pulled it (flat bed with a access door so it was easy). Much to my surprise the preliminary look it looks fine, so I pulled the filter housing and found the oring around the metal suction line dried and cracked also the larger oring at the bottom was in the same condition. After replacing these orings I hooked the sending unit back up and put a hose directly to the suction line and she came to life put it all back together and it runs great now with 80psi of fuel pressure. So lesson is when you pull the sending unit to clean the screens go ahead and replace the orings as well just two of them and it will save you a headache in the long run.
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