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I ran it out of fuel..again..I'm an idiot.
So i add fuel, get it running, runs rough, blue-white smoke turns all white on acceleration...sucked up some water..
Add a bunch of fuel conditioner, seems to come out of it...
Then after about 10 minutes it starts losing power, "skipping", until it won't run.
Drain water separator, runs Ok again..then repeats.
Do this 7-8 times..
Now, no smoke, half a tank of fresh diesel..but I have to crack the fuel filter and let high pressure air escape..and it runs almost "right" for 10 minutes...and runs worse and worse until it won't run...crack filter, let air out, runs until...

So what gives? Is this a common thing, this "air locking"? Will it come out of it if I keep up the drill?
Pissing me off..and it's my own damn fault and I know it which pisses me off even more..
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