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so i installed my gauges the other day and after i was reading on here i saw a sticky post that said while the truck is running it should be around 40-60 psi.

well with my truck running down the highway no load it carries around 70-72 psi on my gauge ( glowshift gauges)

this has been about a week i would say ive had it hooked up and been running 70-72.

now yesterday the guage went down and it seemed like it was reading about 67-68 psi.

so today i am in the truck and it feels like it has a slight surging and the gauge is reading 80 psi going down the highway, and at times it goes all the way up to 90 psi. then every now and then it will go down. I checked all of my gauge wiring etc and the sending unit itself seems to be working fine.

I have a had a bad o ring on one of my injectors for about a week now and it smokes out a little fuel but it has not effected the drivability. I know this isnt the best thing to do but my other truck is already in the shop .

Why would the gauge be so irratic, and it does not seem like the sending unit is bad because the gauge will slowly rise up to 80-90 psi. it does not just bounce between 70-90-85-75 etc. you get the picture,

question is what exactly does this mean that the fuel pressure is jumping around everywhere acting stupid like this. please any help would be good?
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