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fuel crossover

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I went air dog 2, the kit is very well put together goes in easy works excellent. You set the pressure you want and it has no trouble holding it there. Most guys say as long as you have a fuel cross over and an airdog 2 theres no reason for a reg return set up.
what's a fuel crossover
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I don't know many people that run one of these, or if it is even needed.

I run the ADII and a simple home made RR and it has proven to be reliable and my motor has never idled smoother @ 62psi
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Aeromotive fuel regulator and some AN fittings.

At the end of the day, they are so plentiful you'd probably break even buying a pre made kit IMO. They are from elaborate to simple and the less hoses the better.
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The ADII made it easy for regulation of pressure. It is funny how the ford community works. Early on it was RR or you risk destroying the rear injectors! You need to remove the one way valve in the banjos! Install the 6.4 banjos they flow better!

Now it's like......well we aren't sure that was the best thing 🤣

I am no engineer, but I will say truck has NEVER idled smoother until I installed the RR before and after the ADII install. The RR allowed me to dial in the fuel pressure perfect and make her purr.

On another note, if the RR wasn't a benefit then WHY does WDI absolutely demand a RR be installed with 175/30's and up in order for warranty not to be voided?😉

Just sayin'

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