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fuel crossover

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I went air dog 2, the kit is very well put together goes in easy works excellent. You set the pressure you want and it has no trouble holding it there. Most guys say as long as you have a fuel cross over and an airdog 2 theres no reason for a reg return set up.
what's a fuel crossover
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My opinion in the past has been pretty solidly in the camp that the aftermarket return regulated fuel system (from the fuel plugs in the back of the heads) is not needed in the least - not for stock or even moderately tuned engines. The aftermarket systems are added complexity that have caused some people problems. The stock design is a return regulated system, it just happens before the heads instead of after. The fuel path in the heads is large enough that there is VERY little pressure drop in them when fuel flows to the back cylinders.

After talking with a friend about it, we started discussing how to cool the heads better. The return regulated topic came back up. Interesting thought - increasing the cooling of the heads with this RR fuel system. I still like the idea of drilling and tapping the back of the heads for installing coolant return lines (larger fluid flow rate), but the fuel would be at a lower inlet temperature and help some. Could be that the cooling aspect of a RR system is worth considering. Too lazy to make any attempt at calculations, just thinking out loud.
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The point of a return regulated system is TYPICALLY for higher horsepower and when a significantly larger fuel pump is installed. Stock systems aren't part of the thought process the way I look at it.

Not that I particularly want to get into the details, as I said I am choosing to be too lazy to do so, but if excess coolant flow is taken through the heads to a back port that is added, then the question should be - what does that do to the flow of coolant through other areas of the engine. Water pump flow is a relatively fixed component. That said, if my heads were off, I would have the ports installed.

Anyway, WDI may have their preference, but they are the ones that also hate Rotella T6 oil. I take what they have to say with a grain of salt.
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