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Making a new post to consolidate all the info added from the last one. Also, significant price drop. Need to sell this fast to fix the foundation on my home.

FS: Black 2006 F350 CCLB SRW Lariat FX4 Lifted - $18,500 - 121kmi
Northwest Houston, Texas Area
Willing to deliver within a few hours for free, longer distances for the right price.

More Pictures: F350 LB CC SRW $18,500/obo Houston TX - Imgur
Note: All pictures above are from before work detailed below was done. These are the pictures I originally bought it from. I'll take some of my own shortly, but she really needs a bath, Texas Pollen season is horrible. I have only put on about 6,000 miles since these pictures were taken.

Asking $18,500, make me a reasonable offer.

121,XXX Miles

Non-Stock Stuff:
  • 8"? Lift Kit (Installed when I bought it)
  • HID Headlights (Installed when I bought it)
  • Bluetooth Capable Stereo and Aftermarket Speakers (I installed)
  • Remote Alerting Alarm system with remote start (I installed)

Recent Repairs/Maintenance:
  • New Batteries
  • New Radiator & Coolant Hoses
  • New Oil Cooler
  • New Coolant Reservoir
  • New Alternator
  • New Belts
  • New AC Compressor
  • Lots of Front end work
  • Transmission, and Transfer case serviced and fluids changed.
  • New Tires all the way around

Modifications done:
  • Evans Waterless Coolant system - 0PSI Coolant system.
    No water, coolant boiling point of >350 degrees, no vapor pressure in lines, only pump pressure.​
  • Coolant Filtration system installed
  • EGR System removed (Block off plate in uppipe, will still pass visual inspection)
    Prevents EGR System Failure leading to head gasket failure from coolant leaking in from EGR.​
  • K&N Mini Maxx Tuner installed, provides 4 levels of tuned power, also monitors all electronic sensors on the vehicle for problem prevention.
  • EGT Probe Installed
  • Fuel pressure regulator upgrade
  • Fuel pressure Gauge
  • Boost Gauge

Also no, it is not studded. The gaskets have never failed, and I have removed the reason they most commonly fail. The EGR Delete plus Evans Coolant that won't boil and pressurize and blow the cooler, either of which would prevent coolant from getting into the cylinders, both together makes it impossible.

I run Rotella T6 Full synthetic oil with Rev-X Oil additive to keep the injectors and oil system functioning perfectly.
I add Opti-lube XPD Fuel treatment to every tank of fuel.

Maintenance and Repair paperwork included.
Multiple bottles of Evans Coolant Included.
Replacement Coolant Filters Included.

More pics.

Some people were asking about the tires, so there's some pics of them as well.

More pics of the interior, then I'll answer some questions.

That's a custom radio rack I built for CB/HAM/Scanner/Etc. It does not come with the truck, and is not permanently mounted, it just sits there. It'll be removed prior to sale.

What kind of suspension is it? Can you at least tell what kind of shocks they are?
The Lift kit and associated suspension are made by Superlift. Here's some pictures I got for you: Photo Album - Imgur
Other than that, I do not know. This is what was on it when I purchased it, and I have not changed it.

How does it ride in all honesty?? Don't tell me it rides like a caddy.. I know it don't! LOL.
It rides stiff unloaded, but not that bad. You do feel all the bumps, for sure though. Put some weight on it and it rides much better. I bought it to haul a 15klb ball-hitch cargo trailer, so with that on there, it rides nicely.
Does it have a goose neck installed?

What kind of front end work was done? Front end as in Paint/grille/bumper... or Ball joints/TRE's/Hub Assy
The latter, about $1500 in replacement joints and steering assembly parts done by a dealer outside Atlanta, Georgia. Paperwork included.

You say the stereo is blue tooth? Is that something aftermarket you installed..Looks like its the same as factory.. So im assuming all stereo controls still work.
As I said above in the first post, the first pictures were before I did any work. Look at the latter, current pictures in this post for the current stereo. And no, as such, the stereo controls do not work.
I have the factory radio somewhere, which they work for, and will include it with the truck sale if I can find it, and if the buyer is interested in it.

I don't drive it enough to justify keeping it. It sits in my driveway more often than not, it deserves to be used! Also, my Home's foundation has cracked, and I need the cash for foundation repair :eek::(
Foundation Pics:
Photo Album - Imgur

Feel free to post here if you have questions, etc. I'll answer them as I can.
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