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Hi Guys,
I have a problem which is driving me nuts. I recently tried downloading a 210 tune into my SCT Live Wire. I had run a RCD 450 for about a year with no trouble. Somewhere during the download my SCT went dark and locked up. The trucks engine light came on and it felt as if the engine de-fuels beyond 3rd gear. I contacted SCT they were helpful and saved my stock file as a back up and re-flashed my SCT unit. I tried re-programing after they closed for the holiday weekend.

I brought the truck back to stock which produced a engine light due to DPF delete. Then I tried to re-tune. First, I lost my 210 and 450 tune completely. I then just picked the SCT Performance tune and started download. Same de-fueling issue after 1-2 and 2-3. Took it out on the hwy and it has no problem under steady acceleration getting to 70 but if I step on it it bogs at about 2700 rpm. I tried this again with their Race tune and it happened again in the exact same way, with the exception of the engine light returning. There are no codes that I can see with the tuner.

Has the tranny gone into safe mode. I had over 100 miles on both tunes. Could it be some how that the tunes stacked thus causing corruption? I will be going back to SCT after Labor Day.

My back up plan, if the SCT is corrupted, is to go to H&S. I really don't want to break loose with the money at this point but the truck is running sub-stock and driving me cazy. I don't have confidence that uploading another tune into then SCT will change help, but maybe. I am not even sure if I go to stock and upload H&S if there is some problem buried deep in the ECM. Do I need to go to Ford and reflash the computer? god I hope not.

"woulda, shoulda, coulda" should have left the 450 alone. Oh Well.

Thanks for any help.
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