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I have to say from the start when it comes to electrical I am lost completely, anything mechanical I can do no problem. Truck is an 01 f250 platinum 4x4 crew cab srw.
Sorry if this is a stupid question but I can not figure out if I have other issues related to this or not ?

my headlights work fine, but when I pull the switch to turn on the factory fog lightS the switch illuminates but the lights do not come on ?

I also have not interior lights at all even with the door open or the dimmer switch all the way to on. No back bed lights either, I have the door ajar light and the door ajar bing with the door open and keys in, also the lights on sounds.

I checked the bulbs and fuses under the dash, I even tried to replace the relay #1 and stil nothing.

I need help guys this is driving me crazy.
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