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Hello. I have an 08 F250 Supercrew and I was wondering if anyone has upgraded their 4 speakers yet? I think they are all four 6" x 8". My factory ones sound decent, but at higher volumes they crackel a bit. My set up is a Pioneer Z1 head unit, an Infinity 6 channel amp (the 2 sub channels are bridged into 1 channel) so I am using it as a 5 channel amp and a Michael Hughes built sub box with a Pioneer shallow 12" sub. System sounds good, but I am wanting to upgrade the front door and rear panel speakers for better clarity. Are there any depth issues with aftermarket speakers in there or are most of them fairly shallow? Any opinions would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance.
5.25 components should fit fine in the front if you want to go 6" they will fit also but some trimming is needed and possibly moving the window track depending on how big the magnet is on the back of the speaker. for the rear speakers 5.25 componmets or coaxaxle, 6x8 or 5x7 you should be good !
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