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front brakes locked up...lost

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I have an 05 powerstroke with 50,000 miles had problems in the past with the brakes front and rear sticking installed new pads,calipers and rotors all the way around had now problems now six months later both front brakes are locking up on me mostly the drivers side as it was smoking after the drive but was pulling left harshly while driving.i jacked up the truck and cannot spin either front tire by lost as to what this could be I take the truck on long trips and its given me no issues and then tonight suddenly it starts abs codes other than wheel speed sensor and I know there shouldn't be any relation there.any help would be great,thanks.
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Just pulled them apart and checked the slides everything looks perfectly fine there the wire to the drivers side abs sensor is chaffed from the dust shield though I'm wondering if that could cause an issue
1 - 2 of 7 Posts
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