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Hello to all.
I just thought I should say hi.
I have bought my 1999 PSD last year. I drive it all over Europe (England, Spain, Italy, Belgium, Germany even up to Sweeden)
My job is "freelance race mecanic" I work for big race teams over the world to build and race there cars.
I bought my truck to start my own race team here in France.
I love this truck.
Plenty of power and torque and as its unique here it gets all the attention needed for advertising.
I have had a few little failure known to all PSD drivers (cam shaft sensor, tank sludge/filters, glowplugs) and other lest common (rusting caliper piston, turbo leak, alternator).
But thanks to this forum I have allways fixed my problems.
Now lets get to the truck.
I took the bed out and installed a Europeen hitch. French trailers do not allow electric brake so had to fit pneumatique system (home made)
the fifth wheel here do not have a goosneck but are more like big rigs so I made carbone fiber removable fenders and removable aluminium floor in the bed on top of the fifthwheel.
I also closed my trayler. all carbone, can fit 2 big size cars like dodge vipers or audi R8 and plenty lockers under the floor. With the home made lift I can also pick cars lowered to 2.5inch of the floor.
This rig is the best investment for me and my business. And thanks to this site I find all the needed knowledge to run and repair it without any support from Ford (they are clueless here unless you have a Focus or Transit).
Thanks for reading. If you wan't to see some pics just find me on facebook. Search [email protected] I'll be glad to add you.
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