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This might need to go in the problems forum, if so please move.

Trying to figure out what happen and wanted to see if anyone else has had this problem. bought new trailer friday afternoon and trailer lights did not work, the day before i hooked up an old trailer connected trailer lights and doing so it sparked whille connected and trailer lights didn't work on old trailer. after i picked up new trailer and the lights didn't work i figured I blew a fuse. stopped by the dealer to ger new fuse and a 30 amp was put into a spot that was empty, said i was missing one, lights still didn't work but the fuse was left in. then we pulled a 25 amp fuse that was blown, replaced and lights worked. So I'm ready to go, go to start truck and no fire, the dash is flashing theft light at me so I try to pull the code on the black max monitor and I can't get anything to come up. tell service manager he what happened and he brings his computer to pull codes, he can't get anything to come up, no connection to PCM or TCM. Truck stays at shop over weekend and after a few tests they have come to the coclusion that the PCM was fried and I need a new one. Anyone ever heard of this happening? could the additional fuse that was added fry the PCM? I am worried about the frying the PCM now if I have to replace other fuses.

Just can't beleive that adding and replacing a fuse would fry the PCM. Looking to see if anyone has had the same issue and what they have done.

This dealer has done excellent work and is mod friendly, but like said above I can't believe that replacing a fuse would fry the PCM. ANy thought on this? PCM had been ordered and should be in tomorrow.
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