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Hey guys, just seen this, I had my cps die on me a few months ago a couple hundered km's from a dealer, im a ex ford mechanic aswell and knew about the recall and when it went to the dealership I asked about the recall, they said it had already been carried out, I asked if they will do it again as it obviously didn't work hahaha, they just laughed at me, bought my own and changed it my self.

you can get to it from under the 4b, lay under it with your feet facing the rear of the 4b and I can get a 1/4 drive rachet and 8mm socket if I remember onto it ( have to move the fan around abit to fit your arm in hahaha) ive done it when the engine was hot once before on fraser aswell when I thought that could of been a issue I had
1 - 1 of 8 Posts
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