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Ford Australia finally get's it together...

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Hello to the forum. I am a regular reader infrequent poster, cannot get enough.
Ford has finally issued a CPS recall for the 7.3l Powerstroke. when I had to pay $346 for the part and replace it myself I even spoke to a rep from Ford Australia and just because it was a recall everywhere else in the world did not mean it was here. What is it about 5 years out of date!!
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The black CPS? Leave it in, the gray is a POS. Keep the gray one as a spare if/when your truck dies.
Unfortunately mine went so I had to replace it with the grey one. Ford Australia has no idea where to even start on an F250. To make matters worse they sold the 7.3l's until 2005 so anytime you try and look up anything it is the totally wrong truck. Even though you have got a 2005 Australian right hand delivered it is still just a 2002 model.
Hey Chubb

Hey Chubb (Tim),

I bought my 2004 Brazilian built F 250 from my local Ford Dealer, (100 yards down the road) in DEC 2006 from memory.

In the now 7 years since then, they have never contacted me even once, about the CPS recall. I have a spare one that I bought myself from IH Navistar (the blue one for their harvester engines) that I keep in the pocket of the drivers door in case I ever need it.

Mine still has the original one in it.

I don't s'pose you have anything from a Ford dealer in writing about the recall that I could go see my local dealer with, to ask why I was never advised please?

I hate going in with nothing to prove my claim. They weren't much help to me once, with a Ford extended warranty claim when I was 1000's of miles away and no dealer close.

I would love to know how your s'posed to get at the CPS retaining nut to change CPS on our RH Drive Brazillian built models - coz the steering box & rods and control arms etc are all in the way of getting your hands or any tool up in there.

I thought about shooting it off with my .243 once but decided against it thus far. ;)

We Aussies should have a F truck appreciation group with a annual get together / BBQ or something for each state, to exchange knowledge and get to know other owners etc!

There's not that many of us.
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Wow, an Australian replies!
I don't remember having any trouble changing the CPS, it only took a coupple of minutes. I showed another mate how to do his as well. I'll have a look at it and see what I did.

Thanks heaps - my son & i had a go at it once but just couldn't get our hands up in there to fit a socket on the retaining nut. Engine was cold and our hands came out all torn up, and we didn't get near the nut with the socket.

Do you happen to have the written recall notice at all?

Thanks heaps
Hey guys, just seen this, I had my cps die on me a few months ago a couple hundered km's from a dealer, im a ex ford mechanic aswell and knew about the recall and when it went to the dealership I asked about the recall, they said it had already been carried out, I asked if they will do it again as it obviously didn't work hahaha, they just laughed at me, bought my own and changed it my self.

you can get to it from under the 4b, lay under it with your feet facing the rear of the 4b and I can get a 1/4 drive rachet and 8mm socket if I remember onto it ( have to move the fan around abit to fit your arm in hahaha) ive done it when the engine was hot once before on fraser aswell when I thought that could of been a issue I had

I'm reasonably sure from reading online that its a 10mm socket and you need a deep socket at that!

I don't think its an issue on a US left hand drive model getting to the retainer bolt - but the steering rods etc on my RHD sure got in the way, when we tried - I thought I'd put the blue one in just in a preventative measure.

I never managed it - to this day I'm running on the black factory standard original one (147,000 km's) or about 80K miles roughly.

I guess it could go any old day now.

I couldn't imagine trying to do it with the engine hot.... maybe if you were a dwarf with arms like might be possible... I could just wait by the side of the road until a circus passes I guess. :rofl:

While we are on about dwarfs, I heard there was a dwarf walking thru Brisbane the other day, and someone picked his pockets - I don't know how anyone could stoop so low!.

Ta boom - tish! :woot:
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