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I have a 1999 ford F-550 with a 7.3L with a 6-speed. It has alot of new parts and really completly new drivetrain. I used this truck to hot shot with in the oil field till around march when i bought my new dodge. the truck has 278k miles on it. but still runs and drives great.

It has a 25k Tulsa Hydrolic winch on it that runs off of a pto pump on the tranny. it also has a rollin tail board and gin poles.

Heres a list of new parts

A new motor at 160k, the old motor started smoking.
A new tranny and Luk HD clutch at 250k
New rear end with 4.44 gears at 260k
new alternator and ps pump w/new hoses at around a yr ago.
new tires.
all new ac a year ago.

The interior is in decent shape. it has rubber floor and manual locks and windows. I have added bucket seats from a xlt and cd player.

Ive been tryn to only drive my new truck for work use and this one for personal. but i miss driven my 2nd gen dodge all the time so im sellin this truck to find a 2nd gen. Any trade offers welcome.

Im tryn to get $10,000 out of the truck and winch bed. I would seperate the bed if someone was just intresed in the truck. You can reach me at 918-465-7420 with any questions.

THanks for lookn


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