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I have for sale, a brand new, 1/10th Scale Team Losi Matt Francis Electric Graphite Stadium Truck. I never put electronics on this truck. The truck comes as a kit and is designed for track and race use but can be used for driving in the yard and anything else. I bought the kit, built it, painted the body and sat it on a shelf in my garage. It has never been ran and is brand new. The kit is $249 dollars. All I did was save someone the trouble of building the kit. Is made from Graphite, Titanium, and Aluminum with threaded shock bodys that are oil filled. If you put a brushless motor in this with a lipo battery set up it will easily to 60 mph.

I will take $125 shipped to you door OBO

Losi: XXX-T Graphite Francis Edition: Team Losi Racing (LOSA0075)
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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