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Here is Raul's writeup of the FOIL DELETE.

Raul removed a bunch of stuff to get us good pics for a write-up!! Thanks!

After doing it more than once now here is the easy solution to get that stuff off the pipe.... a wire wheel on a drill or an angle grinder with a wire wheel works best... i can do it now in about 30min....

first i removed the battery and the air filter assembly

next i lossened the plastic ends and removed the pipe....

next i used a chisel lol and a utility knife to get off the layer of foil...

i used some degreaser to soak up all the glue so that it was easier to scrape off.... afterwards i just used some fine steel woole to remove any scrap marks that was left .....

and here is the finished pipe back in my truck....

hope this helps you guys out.......

Here is cob32187's version of the Foil Delete.

Ok, here's my first attempt at doing a detailed write up. Quite a few people have PM'ed me about it so I figure I'll make it easy for all of us. Now I just need to figure out how to make it sticky so its easy to find. Maybe a Mod can help me with that part.

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