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Flashing the computer

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I was told that I may need my computer flashed ...Can someone please tell me what this means .
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The dealer will update your software for the pcm.
Depending what you have it's probably the one for injectors to straighten it up on cold works, just remember to uninstall your flash mods (programs) if you have any.
I don't have anythig in the computer that I have installed but the truck skips and runs ragged #1 cylinder is not working I did a continunity test on the harness and that checked out just fine I am certain it's something in the elecrtronics and was told to take it to the dealer to have it flashed . I guess it's more than disconecting the batteries ?
Any codes?
I don't have a scanner to test it with so I don't know The check enging light comes on . The electronics make a diesel engine operation so dificult . Any mechanical one is so simple but this one has me stumped .
Yeah you have codes stored if the ses light has come on. Depending on codes you may have to do a injector buzz test and depending on that test possibly a cylinder contribution test. Find a way to scan it! Its a good place to start your troubleshooting, so your not throwing parts you dont need at it:thumb:
Yes I know what you mean I took it to one place and after $3100.00 and replacing parts I didn't need I am a little cautious where to takle it now .. I hate it when they keep throwing parts at it . I want it checked so I don't spend money on parts I don't need . I live in an area where I am limited where I can take it so I think after all I been through the dealer may be my best choice and instruct then thay I want the problem diagnosed only . At least I now have a better idea what to ask for .

Yeah have them scan for codes and tell them you want to know what there diagnosis is and then post up the codes they retrieved and we will point you in the right direction:thumb:
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