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if you all were reading my thread about gas in my tank...its no more!!

a friend and i got it done in a little over a half an hour. now realize how signifigant that is since we are both 16. it was more of a pain in the *** to get the truck down to my barn than to clear 'er out. i got a fresh dent :( but id rather have a truck that runs and has a dent than a truck with no dent that sits in the driveway!!

just wanted to say thanks everybody for helping me earlier.
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Good deal!:thumb: Glad it worked out. How'd you get the dent?:doh:

VERY glad to hear y'all got it fixed. :)
the dent came from when i was pullin it to my barn with the fourwheeler. the truck started rollin good and the fourwheeler started to stop goin up the hill and he didnt hit the brakes.

but tonight on the way to go fishin, i hydroplaned my way into a ditch:why-me:
I bet you will pay more attention to the pump next time!! 16 year olds are expected to do stupid things, don't worry your doing just fine!!!

1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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