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i just bought a new truck (below are the specs)...i hand calculated the mileage (not based on the dash screen thing). the '05 dodge cummins (quad cab, 4x4, short bed, auto), that i traded in, was averaging 18.5-19 mpg with the same driving (hand calculated). it was bone stock, with the exception of a larger turbo. (long story, but it was cheaper to replace with an aftermarket turbo than replace with a factory unit)

'11 ford f250
crew cab
king ranch (20" wheels)
6.7 ps

18.59 mpg (about 60% highway and 40% city driving...with the a/c on most of the time) i'm in the dallas, tx area, if that matters.

the computer was showing 19.1mpg, so it doesn't seem to be terribly off. (my dodge showed an average of 21.3 when i was getting 19)

anyway, for those out there wondering about real world mileage...i thought that was pretty decent. obviously, it was completely unloaded for the majority of that trip, other than when i hauled my 300ish pound replacement bumper from my dodge, which was probably 50 miles of that trip.
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