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finding a fuel leak (somewhere near/around fuel filter bowl)?

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Wondering if anyone might have tips on finding a fuel leak that is coming (i think) from somewhere around the fuel filter bowl. If I watch that area with a flashlight (while engine running) I think that I can see the fuel accumulate, but am having a hard time identifying the source.

Only leaks while running, ends up dripping out tranny dust cover area, pretty steady drip rate. Significant enought that I've lost about 3 - 3.5 MPG.

Any suggestions appreciated.

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Most of us have been thru this before,It's either o rings,hoses,or fuel pump.Sounds to me with engine running and system under pressure the pump is leaking ,unfortunately for me I too am having pump leaking but not as severe as yours.The valley becomes saturated with fuel and then drains down back of engine.There is a pressure switch on th FPR that will leak,but you can see easy enough.If you have a asphalt driveway,the diesel will eat it up,I know from my last PSD.
If you commit to replacing pump ,it's common to replace the three flex hoses,and some replace both banjo bolt washers.The fuel bowl and FPR have some orings you can replace when you pull bowl .I found it easier to pull pump and bowl as a unit,but the neat trick is the banjo bolt inch and quarter wrench and a nice blanket to set your tummy on the radiator and go at.
1 - 2 of 13 Posts
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