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finding a fuel leak (somewhere near/around fuel filter bowl)?

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Wondering if anyone might have tips on finding a fuel leak that is coming (i think) from somewhere around the fuel filter bowl. If I watch that area with a flashlight (while engine running) I think that I can see the fuel accumulate, but am having a hard time identifying the source.

Only leaks while running, ends up dripping out tranny dust cover area, pretty steady drip rate. Significant enought that I've lost about 3 - 3.5 MPG.

Any suggestions appreciated.

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my bets on the fuel bowl drain valve.

thanks for the tip, I'll try to check out the drain valve again.

Do you have any tips/suggestions on the replacing the valve? I don't know for sure if it is plastic or not, but wonder if it will be problematic to try to swap it out in cold winter temps.
Most of us have been thru this before,It's either o rings,hoses,or fuel pump.Sounds to me with engine running and system under pressure the pump is leaking ,unfortunately for me I too am having pump leaking but not as severe as yours.The valley becomes saturated with fuel and then drains down back of engine.There is a pressure switch on th FPR that will leak,but you can see easy enough.If you have a asphalt driveway,the diesel will eat it up,I know from my last PSD.

thanks for your post.

I'll have to pull out my chilton and look up details on fuel pump - don't know much (anything) about it for this truck (my first diesel).

If you have any tips on further diagnosis, replacement and / or any suggestions on picking replacement part I'd appreciate any advice.

Does anybody have a step by step for pulling the fuel pump out or of at least how to get in there and tighten down all the connections? I am having pretty much the same issue. Fuel collecting in the valley on both sides of the fuel filter housing and dripping down the back of the engine over the transmission cover, bell housing, and starter motor.
The first post above is good advice or info as to what to expect. I would however suggest just buying all new hose, Orings and fuel pump and possibly sensor too. It is too much work to get in there and not it all done.

Go to dieselorings and look for the write up it is no quite as easy as write up makes it look, but it's not that bad. However replacing banjo bolt in fuel pump is a total complete nightmare
1 - 4 of 13 Posts
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