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finding a fuel leak (somewhere near/around fuel filter bowl)?

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Wondering if anyone might have tips on finding a fuel leak that is coming (i think) from somewhere around the fuel filter bowl. If I watch that area with a flashlight (while engine running) I think that I can see the fuel accumulate, but am having a hard time identifying the source.

Only leaks while running, ends up dripping out tranny dust cover area, pretty steady drip rate. Significant enought that I've lost about 3 - 3.5 MPG.

Any suggestions appreciated.

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Well first things first. Clean the valley area really well, absorb up fuel with rags and start truck and watch for fuel leak then. Most common leaks are yes the rubber fuel lines, the fuel pump, and the oring on drain valve. Not to forget the fuel filter sensor ( sensor on driver side of fuel filter housing, looks like a oil pressure switch kinda).

My advise is clean and check all , best bet if it was mine is once find the leak fix asap, but i would repair all of above. total cost when i did mine was $175.00 and $100.00 of that was the fuel pump itself.. :thumb:
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