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Finally got my stacks!! ~~~ PICS~~~

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Perfection if i do say so myself.......
This bed kit is far and above anything you can buy IMO. I think i will start making these to sell.
Under the truck the 4" nipple down goes to a short piece (8") of flex pipe, then a hard pipe 90* bend to the straight piece running to the engine. Worked out very nice other than i had to widen out the hole in the bed (that pissed me off) because we mis measured something and to center the stax, we had to widen the hole to move it over 1/4"


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Perfect everything is perfect size, placment, length.:thumb:

The way it is built you dont have to put mounts at the top of the bed?
I am curious my self with stacks what do you do about water. You dont want it to sit there eventualy rusting a hole from constant heat cool water cycles.:thumb:
I'm going back to stock.
I will help you get rid of all that junk on youre truck so you never have to see it again. Just ship it to me i will dispose of it for you. John Wayn I will do the same for you.
Take your BSin somewhere else...we are talking about stacks here!!

I am SORRY. I know you put a lot of thought into this system and i already complimented you on them. But how much can you talk about stacks. Unless you're design puts up huge HP# or flops. I cant see any reason to not joke around alittle. I know you're design is not a flop.
who blabbed to the ricers then?


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