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Finally got my stacks!! ~~~ PICS~~~

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Perfection if i do say so myself.......
This bed kit is far and above anything you can buy IMO. I think i will start making these to sell.
Under the truck the 4" nipple down goes to a short piece (8") of flex pipe, then a hard pipe 90* bend to the straight piece running to the engine. Worked out very nice other than i had to widen out the hole in the bed (that pissed me off) because we mis measured something and to center the stax, we had to widen the hole to move it over 1/4"


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It's about time and holy crap there are a lot of people viewing this thread 19!
So are you guys saying the stealth pumps have a tendacy to leak. IF so I will look at a terminator setup for my truck
Gotcha. If you need to delete my comment to stop a controversy then do it
Anyways Clay we still need more Smoke pics and video. What are you waiting for throw the beer in the truck and go. Actually since it's NAtty light just throw it out
LMAO but seriously Natty light is like crap it just doesn't go in your mouth.
I call BS.......PROVE IT :hehe::hehe:
Yea what she said lol
Clay, apples to apples, what are your egt's doing with stacks vs the single exhaust.
Thats a good question I would like to know if you notice a difference in EGT's too.
Get all the stacks in the center and then someone with side exhaust on the side so your covering the air and the ground. Unless someone has duals though there will be a pic of someones rear end though.
1 - 8 of 180 Posts
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