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Finally got my stacks!! ~~~ PICS~~~

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Perfection if i do say so myself.......
This bed kit is far and above anything you can buy IMO. I think i will start making these to sell.
Under the truck the 4" nipple down goes to a short piece (8") of flex pipe, then a hard pipe 90* bend to the straight piece running to the engine. Worked out very nice other than i had to widen out the hole in the bed (that pissed me off) because we mis measured something and to center the stax, we had to widen the hole to move it over 1/4"


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Looks good its about time we got the pics.
Dam, you guys are never happy...all this preasure to get them installed to please you all and now you want more?! :lol:
Theres one smoke pic on page 1
When it warms up a bit, i'll have my buddy ride in the bed with my video camera and film some coal rolling and fire breathin footage. :D Maybe as i drive into a tunnel! :thumb:
I don't think he;ll have much fun doing that today though, its pretty mild at a balmy 30 degrees but in the bed of the truck doing 60 mph it may be a tad niply.
Nah... 30's aren't bad, I've ridden my bike down in the 20's and he's got the coal to warm him up.
Can you roll coal on vegi? :dunno:
I call BS.......PROVE IT :hehe::hehe:
I think you should make a video of Dino and Vegi, see if there is a difference in color / quantity. :nod:
If you would have ordered the vegi tank when you got the stacks you would have had it by now. :poke
Its gonna end up being a race you know that right? Which means we need video instead of a pic.
The kind of living some of y'all do could be hazardous to my health! :eek:

Not to mention my bank account ...
1 - 8 of 180 Posts
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