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Finally got my stacks!! ~~~ PICS~~~

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Perfection if i do say so myself.......
This bed kit is far and above anything you can buy IMO. I think i will start making these to sell.
Under the truck the 4" nipple down goes to a short piece (8") of flex pipe, then a hard pipe 90* bend to the straight piece running to the engine. Worked out very nice other than i had to widen out the hole in the bed (that pissed me off) because we mis measured something and to center the stax, we had to widen the hole to move it over 1/4"


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those are definitely different looking, but simple enough :thumb:

they look great!

did u do the welding?
now do us all a favor and wash that truck!

Different? What do you mean?
I think the 5" pipe cut with 45s is so much cleaner looking than the 90* sweeps.

I helped a buddy do the welding...grinding...fitting...etc. Hes a welder/pipe fitter by trade so it was a walk in the park for him. He has all the tools which made it really easy.
The 4" pipe through the bed is saddle cut to the 5" header, offset centered to allow the stacks to be set back and in closer to the bed front...that was kinda tought to fab but it turned out great.
im just sayin ive never seen any like it before, not that i dont like them...i think they look great man :nod:
Hell yeah, the louder you are the faster it must be :nod:
who blabbed to the ricers then?

1 - 4 of 180 Posts
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