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Finally got my stacks!! ~~~ PICS~~~

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Perfection if i do say so myself.......
This bed kit is far and above anything you can buy IMO. I think i will start making these to sell.
Under the truck the 4" nipple down goes to a short piece (8") of flex pipe, then a hard pipe 90* bend to the straight piece running to the engine. Worked out very nice other than i had to widen out the hole in the bed (that pissed me off) because we mis measured something and to center the stax, we had to widen the hole to move it over 1/4"


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those are definitely different looking, but simple enough :thumb:

they look great!

did u do the welding?
Different? What do you mean?
I think the 5" pipe cut with 45s is so much cleaner looking than the 90* sweeps.

I helped a buddy do the welding...grinding...fitting...etc. Hes a welder/pipe fitter by trade so it was a walk in the park for him. He has all the tools which made it really easy.
The 4" pipe through the bed is saddle cut to the 5" header, offset centered to allow the stacks to be set back and in closer to the bed front...that was kinda tought to fab but it turned out great.
now do us all a favor and wash that truck!

Yeah its filthy...i knew someone would mention that :doh:
Yeah I got a question - What kinda BB gun is that behind the TV?:hehe:

Nice clean look there. I take it that design was invented to coincide with a WVO tank somehow?
Its a Henry Lever action 22
No, has nothing to do with the vegi tank..i ordered a 60 gal tank, sold my 90 gal so there was room for the stax.
looks good i definitly havent seen anyone do there bed kit like that before.
Me either, i like to be different. I may take it all out and have it powder coated black now.
It's about time and holy crap there are a lot of people viewing this thread 19!
I have a big following... :lol:

Heck this thread has been drawn out a few weeks now :doh:
Looks great Clay! Not as cool as mine, but still! :lol:
i was shooting for the perfection level you have :dunno:
Perfect everything is perfect size, placment, length.:thumb:

The way it is built you dont have to put mounts at the top of the bed?
The pipes are solid as a rock like they are with only the 2 U clamps in the header (I torqued the chit out of them) but i will probably still put some clamps on the bed top rail. I can see if i took a shock to the truck like in an accident, they would move.
you know, i was never really a fan of stacks, but i like those. like was said, right height, size, and all that it looks real good CH. i have a cap but i would consider something like that.

maybe i could get them through the cap?? that would not look to dorky at all would it? :hehe:
Stacks can easily go through the cap on your truck...might look a little more ******* than uaual though :lol:
very nice!
They look good Clay!:thumb:

Thanks, both of you! :thumb:
Clay do you have a turbo master cool down timer?
Yep :thumb:
I might add, where the 4" nipple comes into the 5" saddle cut header, i took the cookie we cut from the 5" and bent it into a 45*, dropped it inside the 5" (on top) and welded it to serve as a flow divrter. So basically when the exhaust flow hits that 90, theres a wedge in there to divert flow faster to the left and right. In ******* terms its nothing but in flow enginerring its at least 50% better flow with less tubulance in the header pipe.
Mine is incorporated with the vegistroke, it serves to burn out excess vegi oil from the fuel rails after purge and shutdown. I only have to set it to run 60 seconds to accomplish this but i set it to idle 2.5 minutes to cool down the turbo also.

I have aother one sitting in my shop in a box i would let go for less than 140 bucks. :popcorn:
Now my concern is what to do about rain getting in these stacks?
I considered a small hole - 1/16" - in the pipe under the truck and the lowest point to drain water when we get that occasional 5" turd floater rain. Any thoughs? Maybe that much water would drain by itself at the lowest joint in the pipe under the truck?
I'm not worried about it filling up but just don't want a huge puddle in the pipe when i start it up.
PM me a price... and will it work on my 95?
I actually have no idea if it will work on your 95. I'll send you a PM and discuss it.
actually, its nothing more than a delay run timer and should work for any model.
Stacks look sweet! I like how you welded the 45*, very clean and unique.
I could buy those 90* curved sweep pipes for 40 bucks each...or make my own 90s for free. :thumb:
Clay, I saw that 90 degree abrupt bend and immediately saw flow restriction due to turbulence. But you dealt with it internally. :thumb:

Looks great! Are you going to record any audio? How do they sound?
I don't think there is any flow restriction with 4" dumping into single 5" with the flow diverter wedge and then dual 5" stacks.
Yep, i will get some audio for ya. They sound sweet, a little louder than before with no muffler at all and the cab drone is definately there when your foots in it but when just cruising its not loud at all really.
Nice clean Look Clay. They look awesome.
Thanks! My truck still looks like a toy compared to yours but hey, i'm working on it! :thumb:
Dam, you guys are never happy...all this preasure to get them installed to please you all and now you want more?! :lol:
Theres one smoke pic on page 1
When it warms up a bit, i'll have my buddy ride in the bed with my video camera and film some coal rolling and fire breathin footage. :D Maybe as i drive into a tunnel! :thumb:
I don't think he;ll have much fun doing that today though, its pretty mild at a balmy 30 degrees but in the bed of the truck doing 60 mph it may be a tad niply.
In my haste to get these mounted last night i completely forgot i had bought some black high heat paint to cover the header below the chrome lines. It will rust for sure so i will have to take them out this weekend maybe and paint that. They come put in 5 minutes with an air ratchet...4 bolts on the Ubolt clamps and one clamp on the flex hose under the bed and they lift right out. :thumb: I will get 2 more U bolt clamps for the pipe up higher close to the bed top rail and put those on too.
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