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Finally got my A** up n washed up the new truck and took some NEW PICS!!!

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Finally got some time to wash up the rig and get some pictures taken of my first PSD....... let me no what you guys think and any suggestions would be great!!! Only have had the truck about a 2 weeks.... By the way i have a 2008 Century truck cap that i just took off and i am selling let me no if anyone is intrested its in perfect condition and i open to all REASONABLE offers, there is pictures of it in the classifieds section NO ASKING PRICE !!! Thanks guys Ryan

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Thats a great looking truck!
sweet azz truck man. if that was mine, i would wash her every day lol
hey man where in wisconsin are you. im in watertown. sweet truck dude
uh, dont you mean SPOT? stumps been drinkin heavy tonight! ahhaha

GREAT looking truck bro!!
Thats a sweet ride man!! I dont wash mine because it just shows the rust more so i leave the mud on Only think i can think of is some smoked cab lights and mirror lenses...but you have a great looking truck dude!
thanks alot for all the comments guys ....... much appreciated!!!!!
thats a nice truck
Awesome Truck! KILLER SHORTS too...haha
Great looking truck. Where in WI are you?
looks good
Great looking HD PS! What year is it, I only ask because it looks almost identicle to my 2007 but mine has the matching power canopy and if I may, how much did you pay down there?
Looks GREAT!! I love the 05 up Harley trucks. My dad has an 04 Harley V10. I like it but I think the 05 up Harley look SO much better.
Truck looks great and has an awesome stance
1 - 20 of 25 Posts
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