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You could get a Dorman Ficm power supply for $120 shipped from Amazon and just swap it out. This would save downtime and I have heard they are pretty good.

Dorman 904-229 Fuel Injection Control Module : : Automotive

Just realized you have the 7 pin board. oops....

Here are instructions for soldering your FICM:
Even still, I wouldn't put a Dorman product on something as important as a FICM. Hell, Ford got it wrong from the factory, I'm really not going to put any faith in a Chinese made imitator.

Well the batteries load tested fine. The dealer said they wouldn't have honored the Motorcraft battery warranty anyway since I didn't have a copy of the original invoice. The more I think about it, I'm leaning towards replacement instead of repair.
Try the guys at do excellent work for a good price. If you want to install it and forget about it ever being a problem again, get a BPD unit.
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