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I've always wanted to do something with fiberglass and I really like fiberglass door pods, so why not?!

I started out by covering the section of the door I was going to make a mold of with aluminum foil. Then mixed up some resin and made a mold.

Passenger side

Driver side

Then I cut the molds down to size and drilled 3 holes in each while holding them in place on the door panel so line up mounting holes, then used some screws, washers, and nuts to hold them on.

Then while the molds were bolted on the door panels and door panels mounted on the doors, I mounted speaker rings up with a wooden stake cut down to size. (The rings are made of 1/2" MDF and cut with router then edges rounded over 1/2" I believe)

I then wrapped the pods in grille cloth (a lot of people use fleece, but grille cloth I feel is better for this because its not as thick)
I made some mistakes here. I wrapped the grille cloth so tight it warped the mold so it didn't fit the door very well. I'll address that at the end.

Soaked them in resin

Here they are with grille cloth resin dried

Body work is where I messed up pretty bad and definitely didn't spend enough time or attention. I had to hurry up so I could take them to get wrapped before driving 3 hours back to school

But I got them wrapped by a local shop, he only charged me $40 so I can't complain too much.

And the mess I had to clean up.

So as I was saying, I wrapped the grille cloth so tight it warped the mold. So I wish I would've added another layer of fiberglass to the base for this reason. Also, when I was wrapping the passenger side in grille cloth I ended up breaking the tweeter mount so it fell off to the side but I fixed it pretty well with kitty hair then bondo. I really wish I could've spent more time fixing the body filler too because they came out pretty lumpy and I knew they were going to do that.

Overall I'm pretty happy with them considering I've never used fiberglass or bondo, but they sound really good which is their purpose so they work for me.
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