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i am the proud new owner of a 99 f250 sd with the 7.3 it is a std cab with a 8ft service box on the rear

i dont want to do stacks cause i dont think it would look right but looking for input on exhaust (cheaper is better im in college) im thinking of just choppin the muffler out and fabin up some stuff i did find a 4 in turbo back for like 230 on ebay dont know if its any good tho

im thinking of doing a pillar gauge pod thinking of eng oil press and maybe temp and possibly coolant temp i was thinking of egt but i dont think i work it hard enuff to worry about that (and the cost)

looking for input on chips and tuners (again here cheaper is better)

also i hear of some people talking about changing the oil in the hpop i know when you change the eng oil it is suppose to mix in with the new oil but they were saying that it doesnt i know its been posted on here b4 but was wondering what people think is it worth doing or should i just leave it be

sorry just realized that i put this in the wrong spot moved it to the general discussion area
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