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feels like another $1000

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hello everyone!

i own an 1999 f 250 with with 230,000 miles on it

i was driving along today doing 45mph and all of a sudden it felt like the road got a little bumpy, but having driven this road many times i knew it was not. i let off the gas and the bumps ended.

i immediately headed for home because i'm sick of calling AAA and watching the truck get put onto a flat bed (terrible water pump failure cruising down the highway)

the truck starts fine

2-3 seconds after it starts it idles rough, a very intense slow vibration.
in the mid RPMs its very rough, in the high RPM's everything seems fine

no black, white, or blue exhaust

no check engine lights on

also the "power stroke sound" is very off almost like half is not their

power seems to be all their, but i'm honestly afraid to push it

the truck (yesterday *rolls eyes*) got a $180 oil change with valvoline blue, with a napa oil filter, and a napa fuel filter.

3/4 tank of gas with the correct amount of D911 in it

the truck is driven to its potential, who doesn't like some black exhaust on a hard acceleration every once and a while 0=)

places to start, would be much appreciated
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Do a buzz test to see if all injectors are firing.
i called around trying to find equipment to do the buzz test, i cant seem to find any and really don't want to go to the ford place and be charged dumb amounts of $$$

any suggestions on where to find equipment to do this
Post up where you are, might be someone local willing to lend you a have and/or scanner!

I agree with scanning it, but kinda sounds like it might be a UVCH issue. Do you have a chip?
No Chip

And the truck is located in NE Connecticut
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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