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February '11 ROTM nominations

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The theme for February's ROTM will be powerstrokes pushing snow. Get a shot of your plow truck doing work and post it up!
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The thread is now open for nominations!
do you have to have a plow on the truck?
Come on man....there aint no such thing as snow in south texas...:banging:
Book mark!
this is not fair for us in the south
darn, it just snowed. I will have to get more snow first. :doh:
Hope we get some snow to push soon, I didn't get any pics from the last storm
It snows here :D But I aint got a plow.
here is a pic of the truck and plow i had from the last snow. all the sudden it went to 50 degrees this past week but as soon as snow falls i will have a better pic
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Travis that's a perfectly good entry. If you have a better one feel free to update it. For the rest of you that live away from snow country sorry to exclude you this month. Can't always make it work for everyone. This theme is a new one and hopefully will have plenty of entries.

Also this thread was created in early December to give those of you entering an extra month to think about it. It just wasn't open for nominations until this month.
Can i hook up my 12ft. disc from my tractor to my truck and sumbit that while discing down the ranch roads....:haha:
i dont know if this has been said but we may have snow but i see you got sand, maybe throw that as a theme idea and thats something you could do but we couldnt. ha just an idea but back to snow, we got a chance of snow this friday in ohio WOOOHHOOO
Im In...

Right after we got done pushing, hope it counts...
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nice looking truck ross.
Subscribing....Will have a pic with the next storm:thumb:
will have to get better pics next time out

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Damn, I wish my 96 was a PSD then it could be entered lol what about a truck thats not a PSD? lmao (sarcasm)
just push the 96 with the psd and claim the whole thing is the plow attachment for the psd lol :hehe:
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