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Hey All,

I have my 6.4 which just had anew set of heads installed. I replaced a few things like the oil cooler some lines and hoses. But I also replaced my fan clutch. My old one was some cheap eBay special part I put in when I rebuilt the motor and it would turn on at random times so I replaced it with a new motorcraft oem one. Now that’s it’s replaced it is stuck on full blast. Doesn’t matter if it’s unplugged or not. I’ve driven about 50 miles like this and I’m tired of driving around in the worlds loudest vacuum.
—Points to note—
-Brand new motorcraft (non snowplow) clutch
-Tested all harness pins, pin 1 is around 1-1.5 volts. The others are between 10-13 and one ground I believe.
-Fan runs full speed locked plugged in or not
-I can spin the fan freely when engine is off. I’ll be it with some difficulty. It’s pretty stiff but I can push it with one finger.
-Also have been having a low boost issue with my truck(no boost leaks) max of 30 psi.
-Truck almost seems like it’s in limp mode
-No lights on dash, no codes on mini maxx
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