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Fall get together

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Lets hear some ideas! We need to do something. It has been way to long.:icon_ford:

Beans dyno day is in December and PHP's dyno day is October 23rd. I was wanting to do something before Beans though
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I'm good for whatever .....if I can get off, ya'll know anytime we can do some more work....think I've got an injector plug gone on mine, happened while my son had's all his fault. LOL Later Whit
Yall pick. I picked the on that was in Moody.
Yeah,, well I picked the one at the shop, unless ya'll wanna do that again someone else pick. Yadda Yadda Yadda! Later Whit
Just to let ya'll know....shops open for another work G2G, I know it's a long way but we, it and me, are available. I've pretty much finished the 41 and am about to start on the 79 Bronco. I'm about to do some maint. work on the dually, balljoints, front brakes and other assorted things, but am open to other truck work if ya'll want to. I'm moving the big ramps, Grayson you'll remember them, out in front of the shop, digging the hillside out and fixing them so they're a drive out over a pit, making them alot easier to use. Later Whit
I know it's kinda short notice but the weekend of the 23 Oct, there's a big race at Whynot dirt track. I'm on Vacation that week and the wifes going to be out of town so the house is open. It would be cool to work on trucks and go to the race that Sat. Just sayin' Later Whit
No beach house but we do a pile of shooting up at the shop, just no distance, mostly handguns. Danly and I used up a box of .45's yesterday. Ya'll wanna plan a work day let me know like I said before the shop's available. I would have more off days after the first myself and might be able to travel a little then. Later Whit
So you are are telling me we spent how many hours at your shop and never once fired off a round?!?!
Hey, we were workin' man.....gotta have your priorities in line. LOL We set up cans on the hill behind the shop and shoot off tailgates for shooting tables. Later Whit
1 - 6 of 62 Posts
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