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Fall get together

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Lets hear some ideas! We need to do something. It has been way to long.:icon_ford:

Beans dyno day is in December and PHP's dyno day is October 23rd. I was wanting to do something before Beans though
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I am game for one.
I would be up for anything.
Grayson those are all great ideas. Like I mentioned in the other thread mine needs a set of gauges if we do a work day.
Grayson, I shot a couple of weekends ago down at our land in Alex city. 9mm, 45, 308. Ready for hunting season now.
Leaving Alex City headed north cross over hwy 9 and about 3 miles up on the left is cr111. It's down that road. We have 500 acres down there.
Heck thats essentially right across the street from us. Hows the hunting been down there so far this year? I haven't even had a chance to yet this year. Next weekend will be my first chance.
Yeah I am still up for something. Lunch honestly is hard for me during the week.
1 - 7 of 62 Posts
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