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Fall get together

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Lets hear some ideas! We need to do something. It has been way to long.:icon_ford:

Beans dyno day is in December and PHP's dyno day is October 23rd. I was wanting to do something before Beans though
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Anyone out there?
Yall pick. I picked the on that was in Moody.
Im up for getting dirty again. My truck hasnt leaked a drop since I left your place :thumb:
I'll be in Dallas the beginning of Nov. no exact dates yet but I'd love to have a get together soon. I didn't like how the Cullman g2g everybody had to be spread out so another park would be a good idea to me, as long as the weather isn't to cold and we can cook. And no my truck isn't back together yet....i totally understand if yall wanna disown me as a member :hehe:
What do you mean by spread out?
Oh yeah, I agree.
Let's get some ideas out there.....
Me 2... Truck or non-truck related. Although I would love a work day if I get a new truck.
Woodbury, Tn.

I don't know nothing bout spark plugs :poke

Did you ever get your gauges sorted out?
Bummer man. Maybe next year.
do yall want to do a truck thing or meet at a restaurant type thing?

Or go shoot guns :D
Grayson those are all great ideas. Like I mentioned in the other thread mine needs a set of gauges if we do a work day.
Even if we dont do a work day, we can do those one afternoon since we are 15ish minutes from each other :thumb:
That sounds good to me. I'd like to have a 7.3 by then. Those ramps are awesome.
If I don't have to go out of town and if we are not doing anything for my brothers and two cousins birthday, I am game.
I already have talked to Mike, but this weekend is a no go for me. Having a family thing for my brother and two cousins birthday.
I'm still up for shooting. I'm taking my little cousin to shoot my rifle today.
We need to do something.....
Right now is a bad time for me, between government year end work and the holidays I am covered up. I’m going to have a hard time making time for Beans Dyno day. You know how long it takes us to plan anything, we may should start working on a Jan-Feb 2011 GTG?
Im in the same boat. Jan-Feb sounds good. Anything we can do? Im up for anything. Wrenching, goofing off, whatever....
Lets see;
Gun shoot,
Wrenching day,
Beach weekend,

I wonder if we could somehow combine a few of the options.
Depending on where we have it we could do all of those.
I doubt it. Lol My dad is selling his condo in Orange Beach, but cant shoot stuff there LOL
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