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Fall get together

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Lets hear some ideas! We need to do something. It has been way to long.:icon_ford:

Beans dyno day is in December and PHP's dyno day is October 23rd. I was wanting to do something before Beans though
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Don't care either way, my Saturday work schedule for October swallows. We're off on the 16 and that's it. Plan for you guys and I'll jump in where I can. Got nothing on mine that's pressing to be fixed. The L needs plugs again, starting to get on my bad side. Just put some in it a few months back. [probably less than 500 miles].
The gauges are still mia. I have vacation time, just everyone else is taken the weekends already. I had to take today and tomorrow off to get rid of 2. Still got to kill 3 more.
I'm good with any of it. Can't hit the broad side of a barn, but I'd love to watch. I'm all about eating, as long as it's not sushi. I'll turn wrenches even, If I can make it, I'll play along.
I have to work that night, might could ride down that Sunday though. Whit, I see you found something else to play with on the Good idea on moving the ramps though, I like it. Guess I need to get on the ball and create one myself.
Other than Sundays, my next off day isn't until Thanksgiving.
Well, all I got is a 2 car garage that won't even shut it a Superduty is in it, I might have some target practicing targets that even move for you. Seems we have a lot of coyotes lately. Unfortunately, I live in the city limits were your not suppose to discharge firearms. I think you could get by with a silencer though.
I'd love to, but Mercedes has more days blacked out from vacation than I want to count. We're about to start model year 2012 M-Class trials and they require everyone there, unless you or immediate family died. To get a day off during trails has to be approved by the Assembly manager, which is 2 rungs or more up the ladder more than usual.
1 - 8 of 62 Posts
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