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Fall get together

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Lets hear some ideas! We need to do something. It has been way to long.:icon_ford:

Beans dyno day is in December and PHP's dyno day is October 23rd. I was wanting to do something before Beans though
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I just now found this thread, I like the gun shoot idea assuming all of our members know how to act properly around firearms. For example, one should quit when one gets too drunk to reload. We would just have to pick a place, maybe somewhere we could shoot and grill and stand around and talk all at the same time and place.
I don’t know if there are any good places around the middle of the state but I know of one or two up here in the great North.
I am up for anything as long as my work schedule doesn’t mess it up. Right now is my busiest time of year, government year end work is upon me.
Right now is a bad time for me, between government year end work and the holidays I am covered up. I’m going to have a hard time making time for Beans Dyno day. You know how long it takes us to plan anything, we may should start working on a Jan-Feb 2011 GTG?
Lets see;
Gun shoot,
Wrenching day,
Beach weekend,

I wonder if we could somehow combine a few of the options.
I could host the gun shoot, camping, cookout and wrenching under a tree parts but I don’t got a beach or a shop yet.
Anyone got a beach house with shop and legal shooting area?
We should be getting less busy and start getting cabin fever around February time frame but it will be awful cold for an outside GTG.
1 - 5 of 62 Posts
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