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easiest way to lose a friend is to involve money. You do all that work, charge him a fair price, and send him out the door. it could be 2 weeks or 2 years later. if something goes wrong your the *******.
I did a turbo change on a 7.3 for a buddy. Pretty basic, he had found a used turbo, and bought it all on his own. Brought the parts and the truck to me. I changed it, and got a lowsy 50$ from him. A week later he was *****ing because he had an exhaust leak, no biggie, brought the truck back over, clamp between turbo and exhaust had to be tightened some more, 2 years later the turbo blew apart, and caused valve damage. and somehow that was my fault. His truck. His turbo. 2 yrs later. and now i havent talked to him in 5 years. all over 50$.

If you still decide to do it, heres how i look at it, if i make 30$ an hour at work, thats what im making in my garage, or more.
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1 - 1 of 15 Posts
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