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IF you take money, then you are on the hook for stuff that happens 6 months from now...
And that is why I tell people I don't work on vehicles anymore. Just because those parts worked in your application, I guarantee the other guy will beat the **** out of it and blame you when stuff breaks.

Back before I knew better, I did jobs like this for beer, burgers, any special tools I needed for the job, their *** as slave labor, and a full on steak dinner when the job was done. (I tried to get one buddy to get his old lady to give my car a good ol' fashioned "Cool Hand Luke" car wash. She wasn't having it.:grin:)

I put them to work, handing me wrenches, parts, beer, whatever just to get them involved. I would not work without them being there to help. Somehow that kept the parts breakage down after they experienced how much work it took to do.
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1 - 1 of 15 Posts
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