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Fair price to charge for work

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Hello all,

I have an 01 that is pushing 270K miles and I have done a lot of mods to keep her running well. I have a friend who has an 03 who wants me to do many of the same mods to his truck. He is paying for all parts, I just was wondering what a fair price for the labor would be.

I am doing the following to his truck:
4 new shocks
new fuel pump
CVD {fuel check valve delete (2) }
External trans filter
plenum inserts
fuel bowl rebuild
pedestal EBPV rebuild
wicked wheel install
HPx and FRx
aftermarket exhaust
Pyro and boost gauges
HPOP non serviceable plug
IPR rebuild

May do:
Hutch Harpoon mods with filter
coolant filter install
new hoses, belt


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Shops here charge 50-100 bucks an hour. We charge $98
I charge $30 an hour for friends and family. $45 for everyone else.
My shop is 85/hr off the street.

Cost more if you want to stand around and help. :lol:
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My buddies and I usually charge or pay in beer. I thought friends help friends out? I've done a lot of stuff for friends without a thought of payment and they've done a lot for me without payment.
He offered to pay me since its such a big job and he wouldn't let me do it for nothing even if I offered. Just trying to find out what a fair price would be for a starting reference.
Oh I miss understood...

I dont know your relationship with this guy, but keep in mind the warranty if something fails. Especially if this is his DD.

IF you take money, then you are on the hook for stuff that happens 6 months from now... If you make it a "cook out, I'll tech you but you work too" kind of deal then you can make it clear that isht will happen.

Hope that makes sense.
IF you take money, then you are on the hook for stuff that happens 6 months from now...
And that is why I tell people I don't work on vehicles anymore. Just because those parts worked in your application, I guarantee the other guy will beat the **** out of it and blame you when stuff breaks.

Back before I knew better, I did jobs like this for beer, burgers, any special tools I needed for the job, their *** as slave labor, and a full on steak dinner when the job was done. (I tried to get one buddy to get his old lady to give my car a good ol' fashioned "Cool Hand Luke" car wash. She wasn't having it.:grin:)

I put them to work, handing me wrenches, parts, beer, whatever just to get them involved. I would not work without them being there to help. Somehow that kept the parts breakage down after they experienced how much work it took to do.
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May favorite is that it doesnt run like it did before... when all I did was replace a coolant hose or muffler bearing.
it's no lie it could drop a lifter the next month and it would be on you

it might not get put in your face but thats what He will be thinking

it's like borrowing from friends just don't do it
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If he is even 'somewhat' mechanically inclined, you could teach him how to do it. Then he would know more about it than he may/may not know now.
You could have him taking stuff off or be your tool boy or send him in to do a 'yuck' job so he really gets his hands dirty. All the while you make sure those things get done right.

Did this with my son when he got his first car. "Dad ain't the crew chief boy - He's the shop manager!!"

Just my thoughts on the matter.
I whish he was able to help, has a business to run, the truck is not a DD but he wants to keep it running well. (has had the valley leaks for a long time). I did all the mods on my truck by myself so doing it solo is no big deal.
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I think you missed the point, which is now more true because he is a business owner

It's not about your ability
easiest way to lose a friend is to involve money. You do all that work, charge him a fair price, and send him out the door. it could be 2 weeks or 2 years later. if something goes wrong your the *******.
I did a turbo change on a 7.3 for a buddy. Pretty basic, he had found a used turbo, and bought it all on his own. Brought the parts and the truck to me. I changed it, and got a lowsy 50$ from him. A week later he was *****ing because he had an exhaust leak, no biggie, brought the truck back over, clamp between turbo and exhaust had to be tightened some more, 2 years later the turbo blew apart, and caused valve damage. and somehow that was my fault. His truck. His turbo. 2 yrs later. and now i havent talked to him in 5 years. all over 50$.

If you still decide to do it, heres how i look at it, if i make 30$ an hour at work, thats what im making in my garage, or more.
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$25 an hour is what I charge people, but all depends on the final outcome I may add or subtract a little depending on the situation.

I work on a lot of friends and family cars and trucks and I let them all know upfront that I take my sweet time when it comes to working on things. They are OK with that because they know the repair will be done right...I have found people to be willing to pay a little extra and wait a little longer for a fine job.

I spent 7 years working under the gun in shops on commission and flat rate and I hated it, I actually enjoy wrenching now and helping out the people I know.
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