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I'm debating on the two 8" kits. My main concern is ride quality. I'd think the 4 link would ride better, but not really sure. Do the uniballs are rod ends make any clunking noises? Anyone had them wear out and get real sloppy? This truck will be a pavement queen and never see offroad except for the jobsite.
I've also considered the Superlift kit as an alternative if the concencus is that it's a better riding kit. Rize and the rest of the high end kits are out of my depth in the money pool

What have ya'll's expriences been with these kits? I drive about 50,000 miles a year and will have 335/55/r22's for rolling stock to begin with, might try and squeeze some 40 Toyo's on after they wear out. I'm hoping some more 22" mud terrains become available befoer I need new ones.

Thanks ya'll.
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