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I'm looking to sell my 2003 Ford E-350 Powerstroke 7.3L Diesel Shuttle Bus with 185,00 miles on it. I'm asking $3,000. Its currently located in Staatsburg, NY (Hudson Valley).

The good news is:

Mechanically, this bus is in great shape. The engine is in fantastic condition, the transmission was overhauled 3 months ago and shifts smooth, feels like new.
It was maintained really well (belonged to the MTA, and was handpicked, not auctioned) so all the fluids (synthetic) were changed every 6 months and it was checked every time it went out on the road.
There is a Braun wheelchair lift inside which works great and an overhead Carrier air conditioner.
The tires still have plenty of life in them.
There are 5 passenger seats and the rest is free space, can be used for equipment or wheelchairs. I am including the accessories to accommodate wheelchairs.
Both batteries are brand new.
And you don't need a commercial license.
I'll also include a GPS that is specifically for larger vehicles (RVs, Busses, Trucks) so it won't route you someplace with low overpasses or restricted roads/bridges, and a backup trucker atlas.
This is the newest possible 7.3L Powerstroke that you can get. Midway through 2003, Ford replaced these engines with the notoriously unreliable 6.0L version.

The bad news is:

Cosmetically, the bus isn't terrible, but its definitely not perfect either. When I got it, I knew that the only thing that could really kill a bus like this is rust, so I found a few spots, sanded them and put primer on, but never painted them. They're not that noticeable to me, but I guess this sort of thing is a matter of opinion. Also, the Access-A-Ride logos and numbers are still slightly visible. Finally, I found one part on the right side of the vehicle where I thought the rust might spread so I replaced that panel all together and haven't had the chance to paint it so its still black. And then there are the occasional small scrapes and dings that accumulate over time.

This bus is really ideal for a lot of uses, great for handicapped folks who need to get around, for moving equipment, and would definitely be an ideal tour vehicle for a band (wheelchair lift, so you never have to lift your heavy equipment, just roll it in). Also, the engine happens to be perfect for WVO or biodiesel conversion. (check out this link: Its breaking my heart to part with this bus, but I won't have the time to take across country as I had hoped. I'd like to see it go to a good home where it will be well used.

More photos here: 2003 Ford 7.3L Powerstroke Shuttle Bus - a set on Flickr

So give me a call if you're interested and you can come check it out. 516-341-9502.
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